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  • Walrus Facts and Information Walrus Facts and Information. Feeding, habitat, distribution, reproduction, anatomy and more. Also, the conservation efforts made to preserve Walruses and how humans have interacted with Walruses.
  • Facts about Walruses How much do you really know about the walrus? Chances are there is plenty about them that you haven’t heard about before.
  • Walrus Information Walrus information index including walrus habitat,walrus feeding,walrus reproduction, walrus anatomy,walrus communication, walrus evolution,walrus predators,walrus social structure,walrus distribution
  • Walrus Habitat You will find the walrus living in areas where it is very cold. They are found in the Artic Ocean as well as the sub Artic regions.
  • Walrus Feeding Due to the overwhelming size of the walrus it is no surprise that they consume very large amounts of food.
  • Walrus Reproduction There are issues regarding the reproduction of the walrus that researchers are stumped by.
  • Walrus Anatomy There are anatomic characteristics of the walrus that allow it to stand apart from other aquatic animals.
  • Walrus Communication There is no doubt that the walrus does enjoy the company of others. They have very thick skin which isn’t sensitive at all to touch.
  • Walrus Evolution It is believed based upon DNA testing on some early fossils that the walrus is related to early forms of bears.
  • Walrus Social Structure There are many times in the year when the walrus will move away from the ice. They will search for rocky areas where they congregate with large masses of other walruses.
  • Walrus Predators An adult walrus has very few predators. This is due to the very large size of these animals.
  • Walruses and Humans Humans and walruses index,including walrus research,walruses in captivity and walruses in culture
  • Walrus Research It is very hard to learn a great deal about the walrus in their natural environment. They live where it is very cold and spend so much of their time in the water.
  • Humans and Walruses The relationship between humans and walruses has never been one that was good for the walrus.
  • Walruses in Captivity There are quite a few locations out there where you will find walruses in captivity. They allow humans the chance to get to see these animals up close.
  • Walrus and Popular Culture The walrus is easy to identify thanks to the tusks and to the shape of its head. It is also found in many aspects of popular culture including legends, history, books, films, and more.
  • Walrus Endangered One of the amazing things about the walrus is that it has been threatened by endangerment three times and made a come back.
  • Walrus Hunting While a walrus in the wild can live a very long life, too many of them have been cut short due to the issues of hunting and being exploited.