Relationship between Humans and Walruses

The relationship between humans and walruses has never been one that was good for the walrus. Humans have been able to benefit from them in a variety of ways though. This was the case so much that they almost drove the walrus to extinction on several different points in time. Early cultures around the Arctic regions have stories and legends that have been passed on for generations. They include the hunting of the walrus for food and for the ability to make tools that they needed for their own survival.

Today some of that same type of hunting continues to take place. Of course they have more advanced methods of being able to ensure that their hunt is successful. In fact, these people are the only ones legally able to hunt the walrus in many areas. There are still reports of illegally hunting them though that continues to surface with enough detail that they are obviously true.

One of the main motivations for humans early on was to kill the walrus for the ivory. Until it was banned, hundreds of them were slaughtered for their ivory to be taken and sold. Today there is still some of that taking place but not nearly to the same level. There isn’t the market for ivory that there once were thanks to technology. We now has alternative sources that are less expensive yet just as effective.

Most of the time humans are safe from the walrus. There has never been a report of one attacking for no reason or making a meal out of a human. However, the walrus is a fierce fighter and will do all it can to protect itself and the offspring. Some hunters have lost their lives or been seriously injured due to not being prepared for the strength and the aggression of the walrus that they were attacking.

Many argue that we aren’t harming the natural habitat of the walrus because most humans don’t want to reside in the Arctic cold. However, we are still able to adversely affect them based upon our actions. There is more to it than meets the eye so being familiar with the situation can help you to take action against it.

Noise seems to be a big issue of stress for the walrus. When humans are in the area with airplanes or other devices it isn’t good for them. The biggest problem is that they will immediately stampede into the water if they are on land when this occurs. Many of the young as well as the old get trampled in this flight for survival. Efforts have been in place to prevent flight routes from covering the main areas where they walrus lives.

The fact that we continue to destroy the environment all over the world due to global warming also needs to be taken into consideration. Our actions are depleting them of their natural environment. It makes it harder for them to find food and for them to take part in the breeding process. It results in lower numbers as well as a shorter life span for the walruses.

Humans have long been the biggest threat out there to the walrus. Thankfully many humans are on their side. They work with various conservation efforts to educate the public and to protect the walrus way of life. It takes a great deal of dedication and effort though to see the results of such efforts. If you want to help protect the walrus then go online and find out what plans are in action. Then decide what you want to be a part of to help.